Perfectly Imperfect - Shannon Selig (Blue Chicory Records)

  • Perfectly Imperfect (1st single)
  • Strings

The Last Dirt Road - Matt Kennon (“77”, Road Dawg, LLC)

Nothin’ - Mychael David

Love In Your Life - Lathan Moore ("Love In Your LIfe", Blue Steel Records)

Georgia Thomas (“Learning To Fly”, Indie)
  • Perfectly Imperfect
  • Strings
  • Mysterious

By Now - Ben Reno (“Forever Young, Indie)

Change - Jefferson Ross (“Azalea”, Indie)

Georgia Thomas (“Georgia Thomas”, Indie)
  • Ash and Ember
    ▪ The Hard Way
    ▪ Be The Change
    ▪ Takin' Me Down

Hear My Heart Beat - Natalie Rose

Drunk Dialin' - Dan Story (radio single)

Tracilynne (“Driven, Indie)
  • She Remembers For Two
    • Room For Dreams

Independent solo releases

“Mexico”, 2004 - UpCellar
“Ain’t That Love”, 2005 - Plimro Records